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Virus Diaries

by Finn Martin

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Prize Fight 02:22
In the darkest of times when the phoenix arises Out of the ashes like some burned up papyrus Open the sarcophagus and release the virus Got a lump in your throat like tonsillitis When the flags go up like everyone is righteous Spending government checks sniffing up the white dust the previous generation wants to be just like us Fuck that shit I’m trying to be like Mike was Drop the bias and you might survive this The mummy coming through to remind your highness I might just buy up my own fucking island Build a little bunker then wait for the timer countdown to zero day exploiting Every exploit in your internet sex toys Intermittent vibrations through the ether Did you just cum? Me either If you look at the bright side we’re lost at the right time blindly following stars in the night sky Part of me might ride away with the prize fight Man vs everything else until the time’s right Unleash the kraken no wait that was crack Fuck now everybody feeling all amped up Fucking like bunnies to the national anthem Ugly little shits eating up all our rations Mishandling the captions who has the answer Holding our attention for ransom Fed up with all the red tape and the boring template Like it matters if it’s a blue or red state Charged every month and we can’t even cancel feeling distressed, fuck it kill the damsel Fuck yea spread it like we’re on some un-dead shit And pass the bitch around like a meme from reddit
Beef 02:10
Boots stepping on the concrete where the rocks meet Night time special ops flushing out the raw meat If you think you want beef think again promptly Oddly the bombs never dropped on the party Probably the odds were too damn alarming Disarming the population is a hard feat Hardly, break out the booze and the drugs Wait till the bodies drop then roll up the rugs Raise up an army of suicide barbies Never bring a plastic knife to a gun battle Gotta praise mommy for the do or die heartbeat Gave up killing now she’s back in the saddle Better pick a side let em go gather When the dogs of war are out looking for their master Feeling all wore out like a blood donor But they wouldn’t take it, didn’t have the right aroma When the enemy strikes, you better have a flashlight Never have I seen darker days in my life Everyone gotta hand out looking for a pardon Me i’m just lucky i found a good partner The look on their face when the shit got started A bunch of dead bodies dearly departed It’s merely an art form made out of cardboard Got a brain in the head and blood pumping heart for Keeping everything saturated like a drug store Fighting through the lines like a bloodsport of sorts Just trying to get enough food to live Can’t grow your own when you’re living in the shit In the midst of all this we never got our shit together Long enough to sit and think about the bigger picture Whether or not we ever had to run the risk Rather be a carrier gorilla in the mist
Bones 02:06
Feeling at my best when I'm rapping on a track And the beat is getting blessed with some passion I attack In a cabin by the lake I’m waking up getting baked staying late saving Up for the day I get to fade away Humans being good in a major way pay to play More like pay to save your life ripping through this day to day Save the date hold the tears back like embrace the pain Gotta be smarter than that if you wanna play the game This land is my land, this land belongs to no one And if you want to argue that you’re in for the long run All done you can catch me laughing Crafty starting off my day with weed and caffeine You better give a dog a bone then leave em in the cold Burying our own in the underground we stole Then ferried back and forth on the moat like a drone Like Charon never found a quiet place to call his own It’s horrendous how rent is relentless Envious, of people living in tents it’s What the bottom of the barrel likes to talk about When it becomes illegal to even walk around Stuck at home a bunch of quarantine cowboys Shooting off guns in the yard making loud noise How nice to be so proud (america!) Turn their smiles around when the lead rained back down You got an awful lot of holes in the ceiling Makes it easier to air out those feelings Got tricked into making another payment While your savings lies all over the pavement Pouring out a little for the fallen crowd Who didn’t survive long enough to calm down Gotta be better than the previous betters Betting on the game like the game always remembers
Billion 02:50
When we blow through the dust volcanoes erupt No one ever guessed that the game would be tough Keep it hands off when the play is a bust Plain old unjust so we keep it on the one Blast off on the two help me see the three Third eye open wide checking out the scene Laser beam focus star scream jokers Living off the fat of the people they approached Tell me what happens when the land fights back With the cliffs at our backs make the last stand matter No one ever planned for the famine on deck We was walking all erect with the dead man's swagger Sitting in a little den envisioning the middle men Listen to the fiddle man play a little diddy then Talk about how all the leaders seem reptilian Lost in the maze trying to make the next b b b billion No one gave a shit till the drugs all dried up Everybody died from a bad batch of Lysol But it didn’t matter we was all hyped up When the pedal hit the metal he just didn’t have the right skill Watched in the day time till the night curfew Rats in a cage till they make time to merk you Got a little job that falls under my purview We gotta get this mob away from the bird’s view Gotta find cover, wipe off the bird poop Write off the work while you try on the worst juice Blinded by perps who try to reverse truth Sly like fox news just trying to lie to you Eating up the slop like a bunch of hungry vagrants I can’t way for the day they lock us up in stasis Mock up a basement c call me resilient Waiting for the internet to make me a b b b billion
Hobby Slob 02:58
Everybody needs a little hobby Ain’t left the house in a while and I’m feeling pretty soggy Broad daylight find the sun get a little vitamin D Smoke a little weed, a hit of DMT If you know what I mean I know you know what I mean if you listen to me, please try to follow my lead Everyday trying to plant the seeds Overgrow the planet with some good fucking trees I mean good fucking grief what a shit show All risk no benefit shorty get low Slow mo simp mode rolling to the disco Pulls out a knife leaving behind slit throats This goes to show it don’t take much When you feel the hunch gotta stay with the rush Never getting separated I’m trying to delegate The memory and demonstrate a new way to celebrate This bro knows how to shut down a party Stay at home boredom busted up promptly Softly spoken about to get it sorted Paperwork in order about to cross a few borders Walking by the neighbors about to spark vapor Picking up odd jobs gotta do the labor This ditch ain’t gonna dig itself Rolling in it thick is how the haters felt When Cinderella finds a fella dancing in the ballroom And Alice decides to eat up all the small shrooms Which one do think you gonna follow That depends on the color of the little pill swallowed Quality control kick the eq’s up Nothing like death and destruction to get the views up Acting like a bunch of Yakuza Drunk off the booze and the thought of laying down with medusa At Lollapalooza, hitting snooze, i’m a loser
Side Theory 02:27
Hitting these streets like I’m cold and nasty Counting down the days till i’m old and raspy They say the life pays and we blowing past it Every single day stacking paper in the cash bin That’s it, there ain’t nothing more to it Like the heady bone carver I just Doux it Plot the course and maneuver right through it Take it all in with a deep breath Then exhale the truth it’s important to stay fluid One more day trying to dodge sweaty bullets Astute student in the room with the blueprint Head down and keep up it’s not that convoluted Go against the norm when the dragons roar Harpoon ready to defend the shores Sail the seven seas like a pirate left Over an argument and met a silent end Back on the ship with the pirate lore Says right here that he died from boredom Too much grief and not enough living Decisions in infinite loops keep spinning And spinning no winning i’m swimming in visions Of infinite wisdom to uplift these weirdos Discrete i deliver no peace with my dinner Go beyond the fence and you’ll see our new hero And right there’s where we’re gonna sleep Park place and Broadway, monopoly The next big heap trying to flex on a lil peep I’m taking specs to invest in a little tree A little art and a little bit of this and that Appreciate the support, gonna dish it back Unequivocal spit a little riddle full Of this lyrical goodness hyping up the miserable
Put your hands up like you got a couple questions Ain’t no misdirection just a bunch of flexing all aggressive insane from all directions smoke rolls in when I start a session Blank canvas blaze up the handlers Rocking back and forth like I got the van stuck Don’t grind the clutch, mind your hush Put your mask on and don’t touch the antlers Feeling untouchable when I’m on the verse But in the universe I’m just writing some words Enticing these nerds while i’m laying out my memoirs Like remember when I had to fight the centaur I’m a book nerd, let me take you on the journey Lost in the labyrinth searching for the lost fern For certain got the taxes included Acting like a writer never felt secluded Try to get into the shit and line em up Just another fixed game of try my luck Oh lighten up dog it could always be worse Unless you're in the back of a hearse Then you’re dead, or putting in new speakers It’s a toss up, driver? or just tweakers? Don’t stress yo I’ve done the research Living life like a bunch of fucking lemurs It’s a remake off the cutting floor we take A little bit of poison and put it in the cheesecake Tastes great less filling Less stress more killing As he blew the cornerstone out the building And the blocks came tumbling down all humble Feels like we’re drowning in a little puddle Rebuttal? I should be taking off in the shuttle Getting high in space with the Hubble
Intermission 00:51
Laying there at night while i’m counting sheep Brain on repeat no amount of please Would you shut the fuck up yo i’m trying to sleep Not till you write it down to remind your genius ass In the morning when you wake up to realize It was nothing more than a weird dream And you feel like everybodys on the take But things aren’t always what they seem What’s real to me isn’t real to you Living this reality is barely new And if you’ve seen this little feud You’d be filling up your gas tanks too we’re living in a fucking simulation of a simulation Don’t look back or you’ll get sucked into the miscommunication All this dumb fucking ruckus drink bleach here keep a tight demeanor and swing for the bleachers I feel like i wanna kick the bucket over spill the fun Release some other means of hunting all these silly motherfuckers Coming at us like we don’t got a bunch of guns or something These are fucked up times we’re living in and i don’t need the judgement Free the supper no need to subvert the leaders busted freedom hunter Disagreements wander cold streets filled with screaming bottom feeders Take me to your leaders blasting propaganda through the speakers So if you wanna build let’s build But if you wanna steal get buried in the field (SOUND EFFECT cheesy doom sound) Double duty at the rocking Rudy copping fruity Not a newbie got the rubies hostile looking like Chewbacca Threw me through the window fuck it sue me Now i’m looking all hypnotic bougie With a bunch of suckers i went to school with who barely knew me Students sitting here fucking clueless Looking at the next duck trying to see who the goose is Should have paid more attention to hole in the boat Now tell me why y'all still vote
Itchy and grimy staying alive when The virus took over and showed us how to die First it started out with a little coughing fit Next thing you know, getting fitted for a coffin shit Break out the Sunday best breaking runway sweats Like a fun house mirror making fun of these pets Are we done yet? Just five more minutes Make the decision to pull the plug and let’s get dinner Winners spinning dizzy around a thinning circle Hair trigger slipping so much for keeping it surgical Disintegrate that microbe finger on the Lysol Kicking doors in but never find the right stall The bark is worse than the bite y’all dishonest Liars lying about how big their lion is Cage rattled I gotta keep the flow hypnotic So i stole this tiger shirt from Joe Exotic (big cat sounds?) (The tiger should be here tomorrow) Gift Baskins from a secret admirer Acting like you ain’t the one to get fed to the tiger One false move, one little slip up Get your guts ripped up drunk off the stigma Funky with my pimp cup, the dude abides Missing a couple teeth but that’s by design Friendly reminders to make better decisions Keeping that distance preventing collisions The business end of this beast is all teeth all week We’ll call you, so don’t ever call me Wrapped up in the lines feeling kinda sorry Switching it up from alarmed to alarming Weather or not it’s balmy laying by the palm trees My favorite time kicking it with the fall breeze Living like the king of this redneck ghetto Waiting for the day I get my Netflix special
Imposters 02:26
Keep my head down on the sound stay focused Hoping I’m able to type out some dope shit Got roped in to the same old same show never asked for any of this like it’s fate yo Everything's going good till it’s not When the whole world stops and we look at what we got Not much, a bunch of dead crops (oh no!) A hole in the ozone nothing gonna stop us From acting like a bunch of bozos Clown shoes on tight fighting over old clothes Got a boatload of trash running low on cash Itching for the end like I’ve got a bad rash So who wants to bet on that action Going all in like we need the distraction I can’t get no satisfaction I've seen it happen, where’ll you be standing When the ship goes down with the captain Bring it right back spitting on a tight track Gotta keep my shit on lock like a bike rack Everyone around my block like it like that I’m the judge and the jury and you can’t deny facts The evidence points closely to this mostly Wholesome act of suicidal roasting But you wanna know the gross thing? We pay for the lip service so who can out gross me? Chicken soup for the soul and I’m all out of groceries Dig under the upholstery and find another nose bleed Stuck in a maze and we’re getting cold feet Waiting for the day the juveniles go free And our congress stops to process How they got corrupted and all turned into some monsters Preying on your kids like who’s gonna stop em Voting for a bunch of imposters
Epic 02:27
When I’m cruising I’m rushing no booze on my tongue When I’m losing my cool like a bruiser in London The rules are confusing so let loose the juices And try not to act like they tighten up the noose These fools are abused like a problem step child ruling the coup with some modest exile I’m lost in the cube with the softest textiles A comfy padded room where I’m walking my best miles So wipe the smirk off your face when you’re serving Em up with a platter of bait behind the curtain Uplift the curse it's absurd to swerve it Letting these nerds know the wait was worth it I’m perking up while I stir in some bullshit This ain’t my first rodeo surrounded by humans opinionated merchants trying to steal your worth its Getting on my nerves so let’s make em feel nervous I go tit for tat when I’m spitting this rap shit Getting sick with it like i’m kissing bats it’s spreading sickness like a fucking pandemic Gun to my head like write the damn epic My mood is exhumed from the darkest mistakes Sitting down in hell cooking up these mix tapes Living through nightmares and dreamscapes it takes More patience than a hospital police state So lock it down locked and loaded like they come for your guns Fuck no we won’t be getting onto the bus quietly Sit back and watch the riot beat While the cops get filmed pirating all your privacy Sign on the dotted line and waive your rights Then wave goodbye and pay no mind Gotta wash the brain and erase the time now shut the fuck up while we wait in line
Gotta keep it rolling like a Tesla makes me Wanna puke my brains out all over these pastries I’m just trying to lay here and be all lazy Please tell the drugs they don’t need to chase me So get laced then start your pacing Color me impressed with all this crazy I don’t wanna be crass but baby I’d give my right nut for one of them Dre beats Or maybe get dressed up all mainstream run for office then empty your savings Trying to get paid in rustic cravings Brainwashed blame game picking up ratings Getting all berated like mad men ladies Hating on everything great from the 80's Lately the bait’s been looking angry Dainty till you see what they dangling Looking like a carrot hanging off a stick Shape of a ghost to haunt your crib Raking in the most without boring me Just another day in the life of a quarantine Props to everyone who ever wrote to me Feed opening through a new wave of growing pains best case they never even notice me Slipping a fast one in to the closest gene Stick another chicken in the CRISPR Whisper the magic words and listen for the whimper The simpler the better so buy the dip Blindfold on tight ghost ride the whip Straight at another ghost ship let’s see what the goats win When you get tossed in the ocean And you don’t swim not what I was hoping going nowhere fast lost in the potion
The Virus 02:57
It feels like i’m hip hop anonymous When i’m talking this awesomeness Feeling so good it’s ominous Out here trying to holler about a tolerance Got my weed sack looking so fucking marvelous Life tends to get hard as dick sometimes I’m conquering like a harbinger of fun times Like a quantum particle i spin up to spin down Get up with the get down then I split town On to the next one kick it with my sound Gotta take a risk if you wanna live now Still got homies that will never get it figured out Too late choking on the poison trying to keep it down I try to fly but keep the ground underneath and bide my time long enough to catch a little sleep Riding high gotta keep the mind happy and Focus on everything that lives on after me This rap shit is like the pitter patter I’m getting mad like the mad hatter spitting patterns with a little bag If it’s bitter it’s a spitter family matters hitting snags Calamity mat on the way to bridge the gap All these little liar liars i'm trying to spit the facts Ripping every single casket open trying to feed the cats Watch the weak collapse walking through the weekend Looking burned out from all this free thinking Deceitful how they gonna treat the workers Building riches off the backs of the deserters We don’t nurture we murder that’s not so unheard of Heads down in the back of the herd Y'all make me wish i had a balloon I could inflate and head straight for the moon Spit take back of the line get behind us Tap in stylus remind us 8 o'clock with the virus
Javelin Toss 02:41
Walking down the street late night with the worst high Never underestimate the lines that are curved right Everyone investigated lying about a birthright Get it off my chest a bit typing out a word pie gonna eat shit straight to your safe place Soup with a fly on a spoon in my database Update the playlist bumping these 808’s Ain’t no way i’m saving face sitting with these shady mates Got a hole dug ready for a head in it Jumped out a plane now he’s feeling all bed ridden Looking magnificent dressed like a hoarder RIP on his tombstone he couldn’t take orders The game is wack knick knack Caddyshack Gopher the low hanging fruit like a paddy wagon Maniac trying to wash off the damage Just another night throwing javelins He trained every day for the task on his plate Focus on the craft lifting up brain weights Repping that repetition like he’s gotta represent Disconnected from the rest even when he’s feeling blessed The rest never comes soon enough rumors bluff Ruined luck bruised up from being the elusive one Mr do or die suiting up hungry Like a broke iron man stunting for the country It’s all lovely on the day he got the call It was time to ship out done waiting on y’all Isolation on the pilot ship was A fucking cake walk he was made for the rush When it’s time to find a planet who they gonna send How the fuck you think you gonna handle the descent? About to fall asleep for twenty years are we there yet Creeping where no ones ever crept
Free Dumb 02:43
Setting up the stage for the main event Greatly resent how the day is kept Haven’t left the house in over three months feeling burned out like when acid reflux Believers need Jesus and me I need patience To get through the day while these retards break shit Trying to book a ticket to the space station Relay the signal back to this great nation People asking will it ever get back on track? Pissing in the wind trying to decorate the habitat Getting factories attacked, hacked back to back Nobody looking good like a bunch of cataracts Fat cats walking laps still getting fatter While the chatter spreads faster mind over matter Pattern seeking patterns till the whole thing shatters And we’re left in this world just to man these disasters Quarantine kids fresh out of lock down Looking for a map find a way to the lost trail Fuck a job fresh new boss smell Hunting down anything that’s looking too hostile Filling up bowls with a bunch of copy pasta Naughty coppers sniffing out the hot sauce Rowdy rompers popping off a lot of monsters And if you don’t believe me empty out the roster Cancel the concerts board up the windows Hoarding the pintos sorry the wind blows Bored with no income more incognito Sore from the risk of storing libido build up the store buy more with the free dough Coming from a cat who’s never turned down free blow And that’s the definition of the word freedom Fuck all your rights till you need them


Virus Diaries is Mat Lee's 10th album, and the first album where Mat Lee has made all his own beats. This album was fully created during the Covid 19 quarantine days.


released June 8, 2020

Beats by: Mat Lee
Produced by: 12hythm
Written by: Mat Lee
Album Art by: Ben Wilson


all rights reserved



Finn Martin

I write raps and get rekt.

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