Plan B

by Mat Lee

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gang gang!

Life lesson reference rap at it's finest.


released December 13, 2019

Production by Marc Lee

Beats by Marc Lee and Mok Beatz

Lyrics by Mat Lee and Colby Hammell

Album Art by Ben Wilson

Thanks to Chef for stepping in and busting out a chorus when we were all stuck to the floor.


all rights reserved



Mat Lee Eugene, Oregon

I write raps in my spare time. You should listen to them in yours.

If you enjoy life lesson reference rap, you'll love this shit.

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Track Name: Monsters Feat. Big Cheese
I used to be a monster shooting up in the office
Now I work and write rhymes to pay for this constant
Reminder in my brain that rewired the entire
Section responsible for feeling exhausted

I guess you could say I fake it
When I wake up every day and tell myself we’re gonna make it
Spending every second I’m awake thinking about
One day I’ll make some better mistakes then I’m feeling down

Sometimes I wanna blow my fucking brains out
Then I start to figure out another fucking way out
It’s like i got this defense mechanism
That doesn’t quite let me wreck the system I’m living in

It’s another phase of evolution
Naturally we’re selected as fast as we’re losing
Passing out darwin awards right and left
Till I’m fighting all alone like I’m the last knight left

Jet Setting more than a trendsetter
I just wanna chill in a cabin and pen letters
I just wanna see what’s real in the world we’re living in
The dividends are pretty thin and no one ever really wins

Sitting on the couch eating mini thins
Wishing we were pretty slim tipping back slimfast till we’re really sick
Summer never really ends
When you can afford to chase all the various perihelions

we really should be learning from the fungus
Instead of shooting eachother over some dumb shit
All this microdosing got the macrocosm
Ripe for hosting inside our minds where the light was glowing

Fake a distraction and keep the meter going
While I rewrite vibes and get the reefer smoking
And if we cut ties you best believe it’s over
I ain’t got no smiles left for greedy jokers

Rock steady, not leaving, no I'm not letting
All these negative thoughts weigh me down pandoras box is heavy. I am not setting an example for you to follow please do not envy.
This life is hollow I just wallow with these walls empty and ima go until these bars left me
Not a lot to say but let me keep commenting
On this world we're living in you are not ready
So crack a beer and sit it out while I
start vetting
And betting on all these hectic techs for mediation from expected pests. trials tribulations and eclectic guests. Life's a haunted house where's the scare from next? I wonder through the hallways, God I'm scared to death of sinking into depth. Screaming out to ears it seems their will is deaf.
Reaching troubled children call it UNICEF,
A union cleft, a hole too deep to bury; secrets that are swept

Never benevolent, never been settling, always ahead of them, always malevolent, sever the rest of them dreaming on mescaline, doing your test again, set up the pessimist, guarding the premises, thrown from a precipice
Who’s mess is this?

Bang Click
Fucking vanquished , watch your language excerpting me like you bang shit. Why does everybody nowadays act abrasive. So embrace it, all you gotta do is win the races. Adulate to the point that your mistake erases, stuck running through the mazes, lost in the verse now I'm turning pages, arming up my life with this arsenal of phrases, gotta release this shit in phases, stage this basis. Faces nameless
Fake this;

Doing time served like I’m shameless
No basis for the facelift just a glitch in the matrix
Something fun to do for amazement
Like jumping from the top of the building down to the basement
Track Name: Sucker Punch
We used to live in caves fire screaming in place
now we sit on the couch with a screen in our face.
Nose in the facebook, snorting up the gram,
checking status updates as fast as we can

We never had a plan when we built this shit
Sever the demand then kill this niche
Like a candle burning from both ends
Fizzle out around 25 and see what happens then

Minimum wage college ain't getting paid
unless mom and daddy had celebrity names
and a bunch of fake fame makes cheap mistakes
who cares it's only death and taxes at stake

The trick is to die before the shit gets paid off
Make the banks bankrupt for a change thank us
Which one of the voices in your head do you listen to
I’ve got it narrowed down to like two

What goes around comes around then it goes back again
when we plant trees life keeps happening
All the paper we’re stacking up living our best life
lets future generations have enough ass wipe

Sure it sounds petty but the planet’s getting sweaty
We’re all hot and bothered chopping trees for confetti
I don’t see us lasting much longer unless we
Start arresting the assholes in charge yes we can

But why don’t we Because we got comfy
Fell in love with bombing other countries
Got hooked on the low price lunch meat
cost of living on the rise fuck it that’s something

I’ve got a hunch government sucker punch
Such a bitch move gotta get em under us
And remember who works for who here
Jerks serving jerks until we go nuclear
Track Name: Hocus Pocus
One two three hocus pocus
Put your hands up if you keep losing focus
Let me interrupt the daily hustle
Sliding through life trying to not be noticed

By those in charge who’s feathers ruffle
At the sound of freedom sweet and supple
They built these laws to keep us underground
But the real dogs find us like a sweet new truffle

People like music you can vibe to
Whether living outdoors or in outer space
This is that shit you can get high to
Never underestimate the human race

They one of the toughest creatures alive in the habitat
Super fucking tough would you look at all the damage thats
Wreaking havoc on a planet that
Can only take so much before it lets us have it back

Humans are super fucking weird
But they’re kinda sweet when they’re sleeping
A new sort of cage they like it when it’s see through
Swimming with the sharks like a zissou

You gotta Always be careful when they shake your hand
Micro expressions tell the lie
All this aggression is usually commanded by
Humans in charge trying to take your land

First they act nice testing your defenses
Then they pretend to take offense its relentless
Then they come back with a bunch of weaponry
To settle this discussion like it’s destiny

Be wary of the gilded stranger
Stare it in the face but can’t see the danger
Trying not to live like a bunch of slaves here
Paying off my debt in like 80 years

Humans are super fucking crazy
But they’re kinda sweet when they’re not being lazy
A new sort of cage they like it when it’s see through
Swimming with the sharks like a zissou
Track Name: Killer Vibes
Kick it with these killer vibes picky how my hero dies
I’ve had to cut away at least like a million ties
I’ve tried a million times but can’t seem to get it right
And the things that I’ve seen might shock your civilian eyes

Writing in the dead of night fighting with my better half
Hiding all the pain behind my most bitter laugh
Living off the land that’s a dream my dinner has
Seems like a lot of work to get around a Sinner tax

I may go out I may go back i made this route i’ll take the pass
Setting my up shop in this little tourist trap
I’m living simple in a world that’s gotten too complex
I’m hitting forty soon looking for that context

Grateful every day they haven’t dropped the bombs yet
Waiting for the time the devil shows up with my contract
The devil’s always late and I ain’t got no time to spare
If I don’t find the final piece of mind then I don’t care

You can’t take it with you, theres no debating the issues
Becoming jaded still waiting, concentrating the misuse
I like my life secluded, these cats are convoluted
Fooled into thinking the revolution will be won by humans

Like a bunch of hot dogs got their tongues out drooling
School never taught us shit so I’m homebrewing
mind the rulers the computers will one day make us lucid
Giving planet earth the cure to this little nuisance

In life don’t slip and slide red ryder gets an eye
Overweight ghost writers all getting exorcised
Just don’t mess with mine trying to get this paper stacked
A little bit of super glue is all this caper lacked

First we got your neighbor hacked got in through the wifi
Made a few changes then we put the papers back
Be back later gotta rearrange the server rack
Mitigate security behavior and then we attack

Laying out the plans it’s simple we go through the front
I’m taking what I need and then let’s take lunch yall
I’ve got a hunch these suckers they never seen it coming
No one cares what you think you ain’t influencing nothing

I’m a student of music and other dynamic fluids
Moving through the gruesome routine of losing my coolness
Spending all day trying to find a tolerance
dealing with these shitty little humans with no common sense
Track Name: Repetition Feat. Big Cheese
Pretty bird getting done the day’s dirty work
I’m pretty sure they don’t pay you what you’re really worth
A polished turd wiping smirks off these nerdy jerks
Fuck what ya heard I’ve come a long way from those early percs

check my reference I’m cleared with zero hesitance
and always pessimistic while I’m messing with these sentences
No stressing that’s the motherfucking way I write
Always skeptical thinking about a better way of life

when they come to your door in the middle of the night
Then you’ll know who you are when you choose fight or flight
Alright, that only happens in the movies
When they come for you, you won’t know it and that shit’s a bit spooky

Relax though, it’s all just a big joke
Running out of time writing all these thick notes
I gotta remind you the point of these lessons
Trying not to live like a stressed out peasant

Import the export and sort through the rest for
The chance that you’ll find one smarter than the rest
You’re blessed with being able to make a mess
Poorly motivated to sit and work behind a desk

Trying not to look super suspect
So fresh and clean like where’s the blood kept
Blunt force trauma on a shoestring budget
I’m wearing my karma like a clueless curmudgeon

So report to the nearest matrix
Then holler when you’ve hit homeostasis
They got us on a need to know basis
So hit the books down in the basement like how hard the bass hits

Its funny now I crave the repetition
Hold the button down till I reset the system
Broke another crown like the kingdoms gone missing
And the king snorting lines off the queens little sister

Listen to my words ima change the beat, got this rap mouth and running feet, if you wanna hear it then follow me. When I'm on the microphone I can't be beat. So take a seat but don't take leave because lately the money ain't leaving hands safely. Double on down for your safety. Meeting with red eyes like plane seats. Insane feats, seven wonders of the world call me eighth, please. Stare blankly. Trying to live this life being pain free. Painted queues to find inside they hide the rest to dine to live confide arrest and fine with chest short of breath sets of time arrived beside the mites in hides of flesh they mix and mesh the sober bet drugs on the set I've over stepped won't take a breath, I’m over it this equals death.

No prequels left living in a world with meters spent
Spinnin on these wheels this libra’s left
Leaving these meals needin breath
Track Name: Snake Oil Arcade Feat. Big Cheese
Walking around with this frown on my face
Like a baby you can’t shake depression
I’m like maybe if I sit here long enough
I’ll get another song finished up

It feels like it’s time to smoke weed about it now
Haven’t you heard? That shit cures everything around
Be wary of snake oil salesmen
And the snake oil they pedal in their pails when

They tour door to door searching out new blood
Blowing through town popping up like a goose bump
All juiced up on the next best thing
Next thing you know, the doorbell rings

Who’s at the door but the god damn lochness monster
Looking for tree fiddy I offered to be his sponsor
I’m an enabler though so I gave it to him
Just trying to delay his movements

Listen it’s all about the road less traveled
Business gets handled like corralling the cattle
Morale is at battle with an unemployed rambo
Who’s cheating with god mode and infinite ammo

So shoot up a school with your eyes closed
Then try to explain to me how christ rose
You wanna see gun control I’m blind though
Fifty paces then piss yourself like a wino

Nothing really seems for real
Simulating a simulation that’s a raw deal
When creating a creator to worship
Go easy on the ego that’s steering the warship

I’ve always been partial to the planets rotation
A parcel to plant on this seasonal acreage
It’s feasible they would just take it
At this rate I don’t think we’ll make it

Life is like an arcade
I know you don’t want to play
With me

I’m like sonic with all the rings
I’m like mario when the princess sings
like star fox whipping his wings
Miss pacman’s kissing scene

Kid icarus shoes had wings
Arrows fly and tug my heartstrings
little nemo haunting your dreams

I’m like bomberman dropping bombs the most
It’s like pac man chomping on a ghost
If you want to play these games I can host

Panhandling be wary of the weird
People with signs that say the end is near

I mean what else can you really do with it
When life gets hot you gotta make a stew with it
Instead of stewing in it like the shoes say
Just do it i mean I’m new to this way

I blew it like a nudist would say
It's a long hard road out of hell anyway
Toss a tourniquet on this hand that I’m playing
And send me away like a vikings last day

I’m sailing the seas on a boat made of fire
I got the disease no way to retire
But I’m so tired I might lay down tonight
And think about all the people I admire

Out of control but not all the time
Running out of time living that borderline
Bored of life and I’m sitting here sort of like
What’s the point anymore of this sort of life

Chasing the ups, running from the downs
Running from clowns that are running these towns
Who’s the asshole in charge here
Crotchety old fuck tom the mayor

Cash only no charge here
Like a dead battery no charge here
Y'all know me so odd stares
Will console me, that’s progress

Getting stoned like it’s a fucking contest
Boots on the ground I kick it root down
Bombs in the pavement Waiting to put my foot down
Hoping somehow that we’re all going to make it
Track Name: Glacier Fresh Feat. Big Cheese and Chef
Get me out of bed, make sure that I show up
A bunch of little cry babies acting like some grown ups
I know life so rough when it blows up
rowing up shit creek without a boat what

Listen that’s just one example
Missing the point of this little battle
Gonna run and tattle gonna rip it all apart Like a little fucking dog
gets a walk in the park

Picking up shit can be a hassle anyway
Chasing your tails around every day
Racing circles around the latest hurdles it amounts to certain
Death when we’re wasting the emergency

It's easy to hear the monsters when they are in your head,
Teaming with glacial feelings; monumental regret

Undressed, unaddressed unattested.
Early mornings come with the best shit.
Rolling out of bed like I cannot be bested.
Gotta hottie next to me, she's teaching sex-Ed.
Next step, overslept, never spent-
A day in the head and I've said it again I've decided to win and went out on a whim never learned how to swim, always up in the wind.
Only rapping with friends, but now I'm tearin this track up to bits.
And pieces. Hyperemesis, sickening thesis,

It's easy to hear the monsters when they are in your head,
Teaming with glacial feelings; monumental regret

So welcome back to the nightmare show
Let’s overreact and let our Brightburn glow
It’s so overly anxious when our wages are minimal
Hitting relapse like a criminal

Its always fucking hard when there’s nothing left to give
And I don’t know what the motherfucking answer is
But I know I gotta keep on looking inside
Of every nook and cranny looking at me crooked
That look is uncanny

So hold doors, it's '04, I know more, the whole floor, move on for an emcee who does more
Track Name: Adventure Time
Walking through town like we the kings of this shit
More like the court jester got people feeling a grin
I’m eager to equally fit in and not fit in at all
Selling technological dope out the bathroom stall

Gotta line a mile long cutting up a rug
People need cheeseburgers and drugs
And enough screen time to start feeling a buzz
Moths to the flame and I don’t mean bugs

If your online then your a user
All these apps are addictive and your abusing
We giving these companies so much information
Then we wonder why life sucks and we’re complacent

In the destruction of infinite juxta
Positioning with indifferent decisions it must of
Gone better in another timeline
And tits up in this one now it’s time to log off bye bye

Jumping back in with a quick one two
And if you say fuck me I’m gonna say fuck I love you
On some turn the other cheek shit up shits creek shit
turn the sentry into a sensei then teach it

Smoking the sensi scenic
More densely populated areas, I’ve seen em
Not a fan like being found and Amelia
Clean fingers and bulimia now throw it up

Trying to grow up in the best timeline
And let the light shine for a couple lifetimes
Hoping these aliens can toss me a lifeline
Before ice gets em and makes em all go bye bye

Remember when timeline jumping
It’s wise to keep your mind on something
You never know how you gonna react
Try to hold on and bring yourself back when you snap
Track Name: Timeline Sniffer
You gotta take care of your mind before you lose it
If I could pick a super power that’s the one I would choose
Shit most the great inventions were accidents or hiccups
Or a way to get that money out your pocket like a stick up

they not gonna get me they gotta get you
I’ve thought a lot about the plot I’m not gonna be amused
If I could switch into a quantum state and see the truth
About the way the universe moves shit that would be cool

Winners write the history we pass down to the youth
Losers get remembered for losing ain’t that the truth
Passing up the deal of a lifetime of this century
I hate to break it to you but I’m retired from adventuring

I’ve got no adventure time left
Finn martin at your service where the pies kept
Out of all the species humans lie best
Ask Jeffrey Dahmer that’s why people are hard to digest

Pardon me for speaking ill of violence
I just think there’s more to life than drawing lines around the pie crust
The smart people really don’t mind us
The dumb ones, well, you know. They can’t find us

getting ready for the trying times ahead
Or be another body bag that’s left for dead
shits piling up at the morgue you better check your head
We tried to turn the ship around fuck it now it’s full steam ahead

Watching out for those damn ice bergs
I mean if the ships already sinking I guess I’ll take my turn
That’s what I’ve learned in all my years running around this planet
Looking for something that’s magic god damn it

I’m not thinking it exists outside of us
If you can’t find the junk how the fuck do these schmucks buy enough
Not everybody likes to rush
But time is money in an industry that’s built around supplying drugs

So lets smoke two joints in the morning
Then OD on H like this weed is boring
I feel like that when I’m snoring
Then I remember this isn’t my story
Track Name: The Drifter Feat. Big Cheese
I’m dipping right past em, slipping through the cracks
In normal light fashion ripping skin back
Daylight spell casting the whip is all black
Been burned at the stake at least twice for this crap

Zero to 160 not looking back
Our hero likes drifting but not on the track
A weirdo might gift him a pat on the back
Some razzmatazz, and an alakazam

Been busy trying to pull this rabbit out this hat
Flip keeters like back flips on american dad
Break mirrors break bread break a little bad
While you’re left holding an empty bag

My indoctrination had a little complication
It’s intoxicating knowing the bomb is waiting
To blow up right in my face its just the basics
When you wake up early from the matrix

I hate this, lack of control no basic understanding
Of what it means to actually have a plan b
So hand me the grand theme expanding the demand
And maybe have the band play me out like a banshee

Slipping like flaccid, flasks on a casket, tripping on acid. The expression is classic; zipping through life like "I can still grasp it".
Swallowing plastic, ego is massive
You talk down on others but then act so passive
A Hero of mass; he's ready for blasting. Unaware this is the last thing. While he takes his last breath it comes out as gasping
Track Name: Footloose
Here we go one time kick it footloose
Got us all distracted playing games with a stupid goose
Reaction in the bag like what a bunch of tools
There will be blood and now you look like a fool

I’m drinking milkshakes and laying pipelines
And bringing the worst out of people till the light shines
And thinking about all the things that make a knight ride
Not leaving anything up to chance until the time is right

You know what I'm worried about
Ice melting up north changing weather in the bible belt
Bible belt thinking god changing all the damn weather
And no one doing a goddamn thing to make it better

You know what keeps me up at night
My brain it won’t shut the fuck up it’s like
Trying to collapse particle waveforms on command
And quantum mechanically manufacture more demand

A little light noise when rappers rejoice
Getting too comfy for their own good
And I don’t really fucking care about a Rolls Royce
As long as everybody eating in my hood

It’s not a fucking competition
Ducking particles to avoid a collision
The monthly dominoes annoyed at raising suspicion
Speaking sound mind it goes What is your mission
Fuck I don’t know

The older i get I feel like
A good time is me getting left the fuck alone
Writing good rhymes Or reading a book nice and slow
To get my mood right Getting old appreciating that I’m getting old

And so the story goes and it goes
Getting caught up in all the gory prose
blind leading the blind trying to find a glory hole
Only to wind up depressed on the Maury show

It’s like the more we show, the more we go
The more ego pouring slow the more we know
Unless we slow it down the more we grow it out
And understand things we’re not supposed to know about

A little light noise when rappers rejoice
Getting too comfy for their own good
And I don’t really fucking care about a Rolls Royce
As long as everybody eating in my hood
Track Name: The Zoo
I gotta sit and think about it real hard
Micro adjusting everything till i feel smart
Always on edge, who’s skin is this
Compose some prose then I spit some real bars

That’s when the meal starts we all dying to feed
The only difference is some of us have meal cards
some of us steal cars create the real art
Of how to make a body disappear in concealed parts

That was never our dream what can you do
When the sum of the parts ain’t worth the can of glue
And the fuckers in charge ain’t got a clue
This ain’t no free ride we’re living in a zoo

Don’t like the cage that we’ve constructed
What kind of world where kids get abducted
And sold to the highest bidder
At some fancy politician type dinner

We’re melting all the ice in the arctic
Got a v8 don’t know where I parked it
Why do all the dogs on the block keep barking
Smell the evil in the air like the devils farting

No end in sight can’t mend the bite
A bunch of zombies on the trail of some fresh new hype
While the rest act like they forgot how to act right
how can you act nice when all the facts lie

Break it down one time for all the dum dums
Regurgitating the same fucking dumb fud
Bum luck they never gonna find love
Looking under rocks in the mud

Stand up and fight or feed the pigs
Hold your fire until you can see the drip
There’s only one more mag on the shelf
And I’m saving the last one for myself

Don’t like the cage that we’ve constructed
What kind of world where kids get abducted
And sold to the highest bidder
At some fancy religious type dinner

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