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Project Survival

by Finn Martin

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They say rapping is the gateway bringing home great pay Checking that replay sing a long and we say Nobody gives a fuck around my way I make about 3 bucks for every thousand plays So add it up and do the math on that Financially speaking why the fuck would anybody want to rap But in this reality the money comes from doing shows But then where’s the money go when you can’t do the shows I guess you could rap on cameo I been asking all my friends if i can rap on their patio 6 feet motherfucker step the fuck back doing a little magic, pulling rabbits out the rucksack Not everybody always in it for the money Looking like another crooked sunday and I’m working monday So you know I ain’t stressing left debating great methods Amazed to play inception the base stay blessing Another day another lesson living in the 8th dimension Might be worth a little mention living in the great depression Got a real regal feel reeling in another suckerfish Out to make a deal just to make a mother fucker wish Aww shit now you only got two left You know what I wish we didn’t have any loose ends You know what I miss? Listening to excuses Now we’re all on the fence like we forgot how to choose That’s what happens when people don’t know what’s true In the dark eating bullshit like a mushroom In the lunchroom just trying to laugh it off Meanwhile, foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog like a fake mating call at the zoo it’s Looking like the view is getting disappointing too I’m working on the new shit trying to produce it’s What I’m willing to go through when I’m making my music
Thinker Do 02:38
Sneaking through back alleys on a little cosplay Broadway all day looking like the wrong way resuscitating major players in the waiting room Sifting through the paperwork while i be debating fools Breaking rules breaking bad like we always wait for doom Slayed a few in my early years off an 8th of shrooms Sitting in the dark waiting for the daily news To let us know what we should believe as the latest truth Stay aloof writing rhymes in the studio Trying to keep it well lit like filming a movie role Sorting through support from your endorsements Of course we’re tripping balls handing reports in The latest proof ain’t no way to move change the view Just a bunch of peckerheads living in a chicken coup Picking at their dinner finger licking like the plate is good So kick it for a minute then show me what that thinker do 2 plus 2 show me what that thinker do Big thinking energy always gets the best of me When I kick it in the lab messing with new recipes Gotta mix and match flip the latch letting 12hythm scratch dope shit spitting facts with my vision smashed Big drip aristocrats dishing out a list of trash Missing wisdom this fish is to big to catch Better let the misses know where you hid the stash And watch your next step bro before you hit the traps Walking on eggshells tripping over landmines And I’m about done dealing with these damn lies Man I’m looking at this planet like a franchise Chastised into digging holes in the back nine The latest proof ain’t no way to move change the view Just a bunch of peckerheads living in a chicken coup Picking at their dinner finger licking like the plate is good So kick it for a minute then show me what that thinker do 2 plus 2 show me what thinker do
The Mayans 02:58
I’m running out the gate rapping step up to the plate Represent the base when I’m rapping out my fate Used to play ball, now I’m sitting on the bench like a mitt Like to play dumb so you can’t tell me shit Never gonna get me like a raise in your fifties And if we go drifting you better whip it swiftly I’m on empty Feeling peppy enough to do a fucking barrel roll Running out of air like this planet isn’t terraformed Looking terrible like you need a breath Getting cancer from these wearables feeling kinda blessed Tracking everywhere we go error bars low Here we are so, I guess we the put terror in the art show I’m not a leader but I’ll lead if you mislead her All the creature comforts certified up in this teacher Feeling like a tenure isn’t even needed taking all that hunger trying to feed it Learning how to love life before we get deleted If you think you’re coming at me first you’re gonna get it last Nevermind the mass times velocity divided by the past Can’t fight the facts rhyming fast lighting round in fact A little backhand should straighten up these little rats You better pay attention to the dude that’s spitting facts Everybody likes to rap about how they got no attachments Straight abandoned in the back of some shitty shack Learned how to eat from watching dogs fight over trash If you think I’m crass, brash or being a little ass I’m feeling a little bashful about bringing the illest back It’s like the virus brought the violence from the lowest to the highest Then we all got super quiet like the Mayans And i don’t even know where the fuck we go from here A bunch of long hairs growing beards not showing fear One step forward taking two steps back And pray to your mother we don't hit a crack
Team Work 02:31
Sipping on a little bit of sin I been given Try to keep it written down so it feels like i been living I been realizing a minute reality ain’t got limits Going out of my fucking mind testing out the physics Stretching out the distance for instance let me be specific the risk is hedge funding the business Betting on the difference ingesting all the research Sleeping through the rebirth sliding out feet first Sleep tight little dreamer Early to bed early to rise with a rugged ass demeanor Taking beats to the cleaners you know I love my t shirts And the people who support my little dream here transparent cows I gotta steer clear 2020 going down as one fucking weird year Take a sec and look around the psy-ops is winning Set the table, we just biopsied dinner They got a tracker in the phone tracking everywhere we go And it’s fine if i don’t know I already sold my soul Getting ready rock and roll tip the first domino Feeling abominable with these avalanche flows Stop and rest on the road gotta get where I’m going And the rest of y'all know that we hit the ground soaring I’ll be coming for the fuckers that be summoning the trouble Running on the double while I’m handing out the W’s Putting wins on the board every fucking day they love me on the team because I know my fucking place Better get in where you fit I’m delivering the meaning I inherited the demons always sneaky never seen them If i’m breathing I’m reading I’m not even being conceited I need to see for myself if you think that I’m believing It’s the season of reason y’all be seizing the research I’m receiving the meaning that shit is called teamwork
AWOL 02:27
Digging in the dirt trying to find the treasure Learning how to mix this business with pleasure I’m kicking a lecture, spitting conjecture High as a bird while I’m flipping the gesture Living like a jester infesting these extras Dissecting a mess of ego looking headstrong Infinitesimal the spitting is next world And if you don’t agree well then I’m afraid you’re dead wrong So leave the mess hall and clean your plates up I can’t believe the rest of y'all feed on make up Bereavement break up to rearrange your wake up Big ol bloody mess like a scene from Braveheart driving race cars to beat the fate it’s hard To meet your maker when the features ain’t marked Trying to slide underneath the paywall I’m afraid this mother fuckers gone AWOL Living on the earth trying to mind some headspace Give a little gift like i’m lifting dead weights The risk of resting kicks the nest egg Square in the nuts, y'all feeling teste The breeze has swept in no need arresting The least depressing so sweet but messy I need the best day to keep professing And hope my body doesn’t leave behind a red stain Pouring out a little liquor for the dead states While the rest wait and bleed domestic No means to gestate breeds the best cake Beauty on the back of the queen she just ate So take a little dive down the K hole While I flip the B roll right into A roll And make the payroll go a little further replace the merger with the tainted version
we lit in TheJamHole... (Inhale) ... Tai... (Exhale) ... Dye... (y-y-uh-y-yeauhhhh) "what ya know bout this shit?" (Yeah Ugh) Lemme get my feet wet, tip toe on the scene. So fresh so clean, Andre, that's me. (3 Stacks) Giant with the rhymes and I play with the beats, plus I'm feeling extra mighty after puffin the green. I'll give em something to see: A full moon. Sellin wolf tickets to me, I'm no fool. But Lemme get a seat at the table, it's too true. I been hungry as can be with 2 spoons! (hahaha) MY CITY DON'T WANT ME HERE. (nope) THERE'S REASONS THEY DON'T LIKE ME. CUZ I BEEN HAD SKILL AND THAT IS CLEAR. (It's T-A-I yeah D-Y-E!!) LET ME BOMB THIS, I'M FEELING SO ATOMIC! (UGH) GOT THE CHRONIC SO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M ON! (IT'S UP) WEED IS HARMLESS, GOT ICE UP IN MY BONG, SO THAT MEAN I'M ALWAYS FROSTY, LIKE SUB ZERO, I'M STUCK... Mat lee and tai dye smoking on that good weed Rolling up joint after joint in my hood scene it’s a good thing I live where I can keep smoking We don’t give a fuck about weed here in Oregon I’m rapping from the home of legalized drug use One gram two gram sipping on that bug juice Waiting on a never ending story from the plug Texting like 911 I need a hug Like Nate Dogg said I’m smoking weed every day And i ain’t the type to buy drugs and never pay Delivering like Ritalin some medicine is slithering Hypno-psycho typical and the rest of it is hit or miss Uppers and downers i like it in the middle yo I’m fitted for the mission no matter where we finna go I’m driven like a purist like it pure as the driven snow Tripping on the cure just to let the people know
Filthy Ideas 02:43
Mat lee packing up beats with the lights on Packed tight my songs blowing like a pipe bomb Right on, when I’m reaching for the feelings Sitting comfortably between hell and the ceiling Watching all the blades on the fan spin around Never really all that good at finding out the middle ground Living in a little town, and that’s how i like it Delivering my sound hoping y’all find it I love producing beats it's time consuming Gives me something to do while my mind is stewing Never had nothing to prove just my love for music For anybody asking why i do this It was never really about getting rich and famous I just like the feeling of getting played on a playlist Putting little pieces of me out in the ether Then see what comes back on the receiver I get a little dizzy trying to follow the words around Every time I close my eyes it’s like they’re bursting out Give it ten minutes then let’s see who deserts the crown And this motherfucker thinks that he deserves a crowd My mind be all like yo who’s smirking now I’m like shut up mind, mind your own business you worthless clown And this shit goes on for like an hour Another fucking dumb struggle for power I try to ask around why the fuck it gotta be like that It do what it do when it do it, it might be a trap skew what they view in their dreams when they need a nap Follow through with the fake news getting knee slaps Oh look we got another comedian I smoke myself silly now I’m all out of weed again Trying to tolerate 2020 like really Could this shit get any more filthy
Watching these debates like what a bunch of noise When the illusion of choice out maneuvers your voices No one really knows what the fuck is going on here Sitting in the bunker waiting for the all clear It’s like we’re getting steered towards the motherfucking ice berg Captain all drunk deciphering where the ice lurks And we thought 2020 was gonna be a nice year Living with the plague like who brought the mice here? try to think of it as another simulation Game full of bugs but still fun to play it’s Like we’re aliens beta testing earth Digging in the dirt trying to earn a little girth The beast is silent when it defeats the riders Living outside trying to meet this virus If you wanna watch it all burn from the sky rise Delete the science then increase the righteous Living like a jerk, return to feed the worms Vibing like a tree just breathing out the words Be careful outside them police is violent Feeling like I finally earned some peace and quiet Sitting down to eat a little piece of pie first Trying to be the fat kid you least admire Feast of fire when the beasts of burden Are getting all bored but at least we’re certain We found the imposter living among us Fussing with hunches another big chungus bludgeoned Don’t worry The fungus will clean up the guts and get us to function on fleeting assumptions I see through the rust from rush to rush Hours stacked up like a bunch of junk So hush your muff before we stuff your luck And break your fucking neck to this like Busta bust Bleeding impulsive the meeting controls it When breathing corrosive no eating the bullshit Feeling the worth like it’s gonna be a good year now we’re all tired stop treading on the work here
Old Man Shit 02:23
When I’m ripping and rapping I ain’t picking the bastards Who be tricking the masses into getting they asses kicked Feels like I been getting my masters Fuck a pump and dump I like the income that’s passive Raise up the bar before I fly right passed it I’ll be writing rhymes till they put me in a casket Old man shit put the lotion on it’s skin Then put that shit back in the damn basket Like buffalo bill the way I’m ruffling feathers Snuffing out debt cut the heads off collectors Keep a couple heads in a jar as keepsakes Then take the rest and turn them into free bait Upgrade the feeling supply the freebase Looking all professional, tools in the briefcase Running on empty from gassing up my teammates First one down let me know how that sleep tastes I’ll be wrecking precautions directing impossible Defending the plausible from ending demonstrable The mission isn't even worried about the clearance Running interference until our enemies fear us We’re only one disappearance away from a bad day Everybody trying to save face on the last date Feeling fancy about to pull out the Massee Drop the 8 ball in passing, that’s so passé I’m getting nasty you cannot put it passed me A mix between blasphemy and tuck everlasting Feeling like a masterpiece, looking like a tragedy trying to get through another day full of savagery Getting headstrong from working in the mess hall All hands on deck waiting for our next haul I need the rest got big plans to eject So feed the grass and keep off the Kleenex
Downsize 02:38
Waking up like a basement dweller Stepped out the door and heard racists yelling Two thousand twenty what an ugly shit show staring at the fucking rick roll from the get go Looking outside the whole states on fire The fuck do you expect when you embrace the liars And replace the writers with ai just like us Emaciated models killing brightburns First in last out picture me rolling The worst time to cash out so what you holding The mercs gonna cash cow countries stolen Drooling over chicken like the goose is golden Trying to be soulful spitting that molten Lava from the bottom of the caldera I’m hot and Gonna put it in a bottle and offer it to the god who Hit the gas full throttle blasting off in a rocket Stitching these writings living that life like Who would have guessed you’d turn out this nice right Avoiding stress that’s the motherfucking secret Print that shit on a motherfucking leaflet I’m just an asshole hooked on the bricks Looking at the rectangles damn they kind of thicc We’ve gone through a whole lot of kings here Cutting off heads just to bring cheer Getting all fired up tiger king line em up When you’d give an arm and a leg just to try the junk On some first time buyers luck Alexa set a reminder and remind me to buy a bunch And put your hands up if your fucked this year And keep em in the air if your picking up the spare And put your mask on just to go outside looking at the planet about to downsize
Soundwaves 02:25
Looking at the downplay spitting over soundwaves Kick a little rhyme and we’ll see if the crowd waves Take note the brows raise up when the mouse hits taste buds Dick dastardly trying to race us Cannonball run from the west to the east coast Got the ghosts on my team leaving in a repo Scheming on a free tow siphoning the gas up Riding high as NASA and we about to blast off Ain’t nobody pass us hungry like some raptors Attacking in a pack like a bunch of fucking savages Handling the packs while we shipping out disaster magic is simple if you practice with the master Trying to show the homies I think there could be a better way Every day I write a verse trying to get this pen in shape Living like a mental patient embracing the basics I see your queen on the table while I’m holding aces Subtle on the double trouble popping all the bubbles Open silent I’m the one who comes to ruin all the funny moments Olly olly oxen opium that oxycontin got the oxytocin Following around the people like what rocks you smoking Okey dokey annie oakley joking like are you ok Annie? Hoping those who poking jokes are broken softly spoken can he Rope a dope around the throat and coast him home alone To sleep it off later like just give the dog a bone I roam around the globe like a motherfucking satellite Smoke a lot of weed always gotta be satisfied Soaking up the dream state trying to live la vida loca But for now I’ll settle for a smile and a coka Who makes the bundles repping all the fun tools Looking all around like there’s nowhere to run to Got the plug what’s new on the drug one two Sticking with the dope my homies grow and that’s one truth
Do or Die 02:22
Rolling down the street in my six four I never had a six four, a kid can wish though I snap the wishbone and grabbed a fistful Chilling with a dope beat and some weed, is all i wish for I’m feeling blissful, I got a misses My ginger always down to ride no matter what the mission I’m singing this song, got a couple albums out We do alright, but it ain’t really shit to write home about Like to feed the fish bowl keep my stories mystical I like my beats boom bap and rap to be lyrical I’m feeling cynical, craving a little ritual Save my place in line while I try to find a miracle I keep looking and looking and looking but never find nothing We been lied to thinking there’s surprise under Super secret lies mother fucker sneak inside Going dark now believe me when I say the shit is do or die Digging through the trenches, trying to stay offensive Trespassing here like this land looks expensive Ain’t no time like the present trying to stake a claim Just make sure your claim stays away from all these other claims We’re almost kinda running out of land here Living in the day of the dead and it’s damn weird Same teams y'all we just trying to get a bite to eat A little rest saved up waiting for my time to sleep Head down middle fingers up yo I’m wide awake Never hesitate to stay about a hundred miles away Sever time and space while I wrecking ball the place I expect you all to play running marathons today When the sick get sicker and the rich get richer It might be about time to rearrange our dinner Fix the system the shit is all nixed Waking up early, gonna suck today’s dick!
Luck in my cup yo it’s time to turn it up Making my own beats so the shit had better bump You couldn’t sniff a better bump if you were sitting in the trunk Looking all delirious like where’d you get this from If i ever told you, well then I’d have to kill you And I’m not really in the business of killing chumps I try to make a beat a day filling in the gaps Getting trapped in my brain synchronicity collapse feeling like the deal is never better than the last one And everybody wanna hit the pipe but never passed one I always bring a bowl or two to lighten up the mansion Two of my favorites never going out of fashion good weed and passion I get to smashing Got plenty of both so I release the kraken Come meet the bastard inside the basket Fitted to the frame when we defeat your masters It’s been a couple hundred years we just trying to evolve Into something better than all the puzzles that we solve So let’s mix up all these genes and cook em in a cauldron Jumping out the soup feeling so fucking awesome This squadron is polished, very few imposters Flying with caution out the window so I foster A deep seeded love of reading books Just trying to be smarter than the crooks Feeling like I’m fishing for another big investment Reeling in the bait gonna feed it to the next of kin Always bring enough so you can share it with your peers We’ve never had a rulebook so crystal clear Got the sticky tape so let’s get to masking Marking off the spot where we need to start rationing Come meet the bastard inside the basket Fitted to the frame when we defeat your masters
Acid Head 02:52
Reading in a book yo i learned something nifty The CIA was feeding people acid in the fifties Some people knew it, most of them didn’t It was like a little game they invented Sandoz had the plug it was all about the research Gotta get turned on hollering me first! Government reaction is always kinda knee jerk Not exactly what I like to see out of my leaders Zen lunatics trying to see the other side Everybody likes to hide and seek when the dose is high Paranoid like people are watching me Well, that’s because people are watching… see? If DMT is a niagrous of epiphanous beauty And psilocybin treats your mind like a movie LSD wasn’t the mind control they wanted So they kept designing different drugs to haunt us Just another night in the cabin camping 3 drops hitting each tongue like well that happened Feeling like a weird alien on this planet I’m just passing through staring at these inhabitants They didn’t know Provocateurs infiltrating lock your doors Trying to start a quiet riot so they could mop the floor used to slay the forage waiting for the drum roll That’s what happens when cut throats get all the control Acting all manic the passion is frantic The visuals are magic so let your mind brandish This little weapon of mass dysfunction Red dawn down now we’re tripping with the Russians Reading in a book yo i learned something nifty The CIA was feeding people acid in the fifties Some people knew it, most of them didn’t And you wonder why we harbor such resentment
Stick'em Up 02:53
I be riding through town looking like a buck fifty Still got love for the humans that be fucking with me Feeling like I got to take advantage of the bricks that hit me Three little piggies you can miss me like Mississippi A bunch of hippy dippies hippy flipping I like my acid trippy Switching into spiffy wolf clothing like your grandmas missing Rolling up some critical hitting these individuals Keep the flow hysterical while I’m spitting these lyricals I don’t believe in god, I don’t believe in miracles I don’t believe we earned the right to harvest these materials Sleeping in the cut killing all this cereal Serial killers out hunting down the cheerios Me I sit back bumping lines through the stereo And try to rearrange all the lies they been feeding y'all All these imperials make me all delirious Looking at the stars gonna relocate to Sirius Looking for the next task paying great when we used to go around the world in 80 days And the harvest was bountiful making hay Trying to stick around and stake my claim I’m giving this ignorance a kick in the dickens its Like a bunch of hit or miss kids on the mission it’s All ego and very little training Marigolds and daisies pushed up daily Running out of patience saving grace Always too hungry to save some face We like getting wasted late it’s a twist of fate When your memory is missing dates Tragedy strikes when you lose the debate Then you choose to relate to the views of your mate But the views of your mate are like the news on at 8 And the news only exists to propagate hate So flip the channel off kick the battle We’re getting ripped off like a ticket raffle I’m sick of these assholes living like kings While the rest of these beings are sick examples We’re living samples getting studied Gifted animals limping bloody Stepping around all the traps in the mud So the rats with the drugs can slip abruptly Living in shambles these people are starving It’s like we’re being lead by Marvin the Martian On how to regard human life then we sob And remind them what it’s like to have your carriage get robbed Stick em up!
NPP 02:12
Check both belts yo we’re locked and loaded Coming through to test yall works of old its like the motherfucking past ain’t relevant Selling these cats on the same old developments Folks packed in to the housing projects Never even know what it’s like to prosper Fuck that y’all i thought this was america Marinating in the raw bold is our character The fight that’s ahead shit it won’t be easy It’s like the NPP got people greedy That's the narrative of perpetual progression It’s civilizations darkest lesson Don’t take it from me, look the fuck around And know what to look for before it goes down And know what you’re good for when they come to your town Cross that threshold and get drugged the fuck out You better farm your land or it’ll get farmed for you Big pharma farming hemp the greed’s loyal It’s all in these documents I bring forward The nobles are obviously in league with big oil When we release the lease on these resources We’ll need of course a brief case and three sorcerers Complete with greek sources And people to pull the trigger when I give these orders Struggling a while with these disorders Chaotic neutral but still wishing he was in orbit Stonks only go up when did this shit become do or die Viva elon musk would be my battle cry I mean somebody’s gotta lead the autists Into battle when we finally defeat the bosses Level up shit shift the wealth And make sure to keep a little bit for yourself
Who We Are 03:14
Laying there at night I try to write about the nice things Even though my brain likes to rearrange the pipe dreams Nicely that’s why they pay twice the price see I got this little sticker that let’s me know who’s on my team What I’m spending on medicine you’d think I’d feel better than Eleven of my best friends and they all settling Get a little sleep yo I’ll take the first watch Head on a swivel camping out inside the cursed park That ain’t the worst part, i pay to pushcar I'm trying to work smart, and get my first star I hit the verse hard don’t forget to push start Wishing for a smidgeon while I’m living in this work of art Dishing out the vision while I’m cruising down the boulevard Living like a villain delivering up some Juilliard Giving out decisions while I’m wishing to be blissful Looking at the predictions like we’re this far Looking at the wide awake thinking there’s a better way Always gotta contemplate like something I would never waste Like a game of hide and seek I never turn the head away And if i ever hesitate it’s time to put my pen away Allow me to demonstrate looking like a bookworm The way I’m flipping through all these pages I got good turns I let the wood burn breathing in some good vibes Leading all the people trying to find us some good times And if it’s my time, I’ve lead a good life I wrote a lot of rhymes and burned them in the wood pile And all of y'all who worthwhile throughout the first mile It ain’t the worst haul looking at these cursed dolls I remember a time before the virus Before the civil war 2.0 wine and dined us Divided us up like a fraction still saved a run And every last faction gave blood


The 11th album by Mat Lee.


released February 22, 2021

Lyrics and Beat produced by Mat Lee
Scratching by 12hythm
Album art by Ben Wilson aka BenwithaPen


all rights reserved



Finn Martin

I write raps and get rekt.

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